Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Possible Future Female LSU Football Kicker And Her Very Public Intimate Christian Life

I was mentioning the other day I was having a time of it thinking that LSU might actually have a female Kicker on the team next year. See Female goalkeeper to try out for football team

It was just by chance I ran across her blog last night.

Mo Isom , who I am assuming from what I have read is an Evangelical from the tone, is really putting her Christian life out there in a very candid and intimate way. That takes a lot of guts especially since if she is on the team this will all get a lot more coverage no doubt nationwide. I know I would be fighting God kicking and screaming if I got that call. I might have a blog but I am very private person.

Her blog is interesting and has a lot of maturity to the writing. It is also gripping from from the standpoint of all that she has been through. The car wreck where from she says her father's appearance who had committed suicide earlier that year saved her life . To the very public fact that she is abstaining from all physical intimate contact as she goes on this very public mission that she feels called too.

Some people are called to witness to do this in very public way and others are not perhaps. But one has little doubt what category she is in.

I am in the process of reading the blog ,and I suppose on Christian theological matters there might be a matter here or ther I might disagree with but on the whole it is quite compelling and well written. There is a lot to learn from her blog.

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