Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Vitter On A Crusade To Destroy His Louisiana GOP Foes ?

Or at least those that don't meet Vitter's seal of approval or were deemed "unloyal" during his recent troubles maybe.

There is a excellent column on this today at What does David Vitter want?

If Vitter wants to do this well it's own business though I think his apparent interference in the South Louisiana GOP FRATICIDE race between Congressmen Landry and Boustany is fraught with danger. Right now we have two United States Senators who can barely talk to each other which bleeds over to their staff. If Vitter's apparent guy ( Landry) does not win that might occur as to Boustany. That is not good for the State.

Though I suspect one of Vitter's top targets is of course Jay Dardenne ( whom I am supporting ) in his reelection for Lt Gov.

From the piece:
...Dardenne, it turned out, was saved for last, when Vitter endorsed Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser over the elected incumbent Republican lieutenant governor. The senator did not directly criticize Dardenne, but his own ad consultant Jim St. Raymond, who will work on Nungesser's campaign, did so for him, calling Dardenne "very liberal."
Dardenne is no liberal, though neither is he a tea party favorite, nor Vitter's. His greater offense could be that he entertained and did not discourage talk of his challenging Vitter last year. In the senator's view, that is truly a serious sin, to be punished....

Well that is all rather unfortunate at least for me in supporting Dardenne but who knows. This might backfire yet.

Of course one wonders what Bobby Jindal is thinking looking at all this. I suspect Jay does not view Bobby as Loyal enough either and to be honest I think Bobby should have been more active in Vitter's reelect. However Bobby may or may not want to run against Senator Mary Landrieu in 3 years so no doubt Vitter will have thoughts on that if it occurs.

While Republicans seemed to have a wonderful opportunity here with Louisiana democrats in disaster mode , I do hope we don't cause some unnecessary long term damage to ourselves in the GOP. People have long memories and not all of those folks go by the name of David Vitter.

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