Monday, November 8, 2010

One Final Napalm Bomb In New Catholic Missal War?

National Catholic Reporter has a story here at Scathing report on missal translations sent to bishops.

I will not have time to read this till tonight but I expect this ANONYMOUS report being sent to all the English Speaking conferences is going to get a lot of commentary.

Will update. I expert the response to this will be FAST and FURIOUS.


Anonymous said...

James- I'm sure you'll be sympathetic to the National Catholic Reporter (or at the least, seeing 'both sides, now', as usual).

James H said...

I am going to read through the report. The issue here is not so much the NCR but who is putting this report out.

It does seem that the folks should have put their name to it. As soon as I finish reading it all I will have my two cents in another post.