Monday, November 22, 2010

Catholcs Asking What Is Wrong At L’Osservatore Romano (Updated)

Update John Allen Defends the Paper of Record (At the Vatican That is) See John Allen Gives Spirted Defense of L’Osservatore Romano in the Condom and Other Matters

I mentioned this briefly at my post The Pope Comments on Condoms and Journalism Negligence

In a real sense that is what has got a lot Catholic voices buzzing and people saying HEADS SHOULD ROLL!! I am actually not as a severe of a critic of L’Osservatore Romano (The Newspaper for the Holy See) as others but they do create problems at times.

Part of this is not their fault. The Vatican Newspaper is suppose to be good reading and like the Church itself there is a diversity of opinion in it.. Diversity of opinion that all fits in the Orthodox realm of Catholicism. However journalists that should know better constantly try to fit its ALL it's reporting or all opinion pieces as the official viewpoint of the Vatican or WORSE the Pope himself.

However this latest incident is something else. The fact that L'Osservatore seems to have violated the embargo on the book while others have not have got some people upset. Further the bad translation they put out played a part in the miscommunication.

Get Religion looks at this story behind the story (which might end up becoming the BIG story before this is done) at Vatican condomania: the day after.

I should not in that article is a very good piece linked by a Catholic I talk to some vai the blog and Twitter that has Same Sex Attraction. That is Courage Man and his post What I've been taught about condoms

Update- Back to the newspaper controversy. In Light of the Law has The continuing mess at L’Osservatore Romano

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