Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Church of England Bishop - English Catholic Bishops Dislike the Ordinariate

From across the pond a important post by Protect the Pope. See CoE bishop reveals that many English Catholic Bishops have complained to him about the Ordinariate

The Church of England bishop Tom Wright has made a disturbing claim that English Catholic Bishops have personally complained to him about one of the major elements of Pope Benedict’s pontificate – the establishment of an Anglican Ordinariate in the Catholic Church.
This is what bishop Wright states:
‘Many of the Roman Catholic Bishops that I know in England were not terribly happy at the thought that they might have to administer this kind of whole extra wrinkle on top of the complicated structure they’ve already got, and I did hear one Roman Catholic priest – how representative I don’t know – saying we’ve got quite enough traditionalists in our own Church without having all yours as well.’.........

Read it all. Now I think there is another problem here for the English Bishops. That is they are not worried about having to oversee this new "extra winkle" but are upset they will have little say over it at all. From the times of John Paul the II there has been the pastoral provision and procedures for Churches to come int the Church. The Bishops stonewalled it in many places and so the Pope learning from experience is making sure that does happen again

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The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are liberals and they have a growing orthodoxy within the Church. The last thing they want is more traditionalists. As far as, I am concerned the more traditionalists the better. I am all for updating the Church in terms of its 'out of mass' activities but we need orthodoxy in the church. The liberal bishops have already started to lose battles and I believe this is the way it is going to be in the next 50 years! Nice blog, by the way!