Friday, March 27, 2009

Would Notre Dame have Invited President George Wallace?

Does this not get at the heart of the matter. Dr Janet Smith asks a very good question on this. See at American Papist at Open Letter: Dr. Janet Smith to Fr. Jenkins

What in heavens name if in my State of Louisiana Loyola of New Orleans or Holy Cross had invited an Governor David Duke!!! to speak at graduation.

There would be outrage from across the Catholic land. In fact there would be world wide Catholic outrage. What is the difference?

What if there had been a President Tancredo and in the first months of office he pushed through the deport them big and small act. Would Notre Dame invite him?


mantra2 said...

I think if you really are that worried about them inviting Obama just because of your religious beliefs and his beliefs you are not respecting him as our president nor are you respecting america.

Read more about it in my blog:

James H said...

I answered this above DITTO