Sunday, March 29, 2009

Archbishop Chaput Explains Catholic Stuff to the Press in a Q and A Session-Sally Quinn Still Does Not Get It

The Pew forum has finally got the Q and A session between Archbishop Chaput and the press. See The Political Obligations of Catholics: A Conversation With the Most Rev. Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver

I have my doubts that reporters will realize their mistakes we can hope. The q and a session is far reaching and well worth reading. I am going to take a few posts and examines just part of it.

First it is clear that Sally Quinn of the Washington Post still does not get it or in fact gets it and just will be her same ole self. As people recall she had her own Communion scandal via Tim Russert's funeral.

I must say Archbishop Chaput was very charitable in his response to Quinn.

She says in part

But at any rate, in trying to understand the Eucharist and what it means, you set very harsh guidelines right now for those who can and can’t.
It seems to me
, listening to you and trying to understand who is really acceptable, it would seem that nobody should be able to take communion, given your guidelines, because everyone is a sinner. Everyone has scandal in their background; everyone has done something wrong. When I look at the people in a Catholic church, when I see them getting up and they are friends of mine – even at Tim Russert’s funeral – whose consciences I know are not clear, I think why are those people allowed to take communion? I think about the Catholic priests who abused young children who still take communion. I think of those who knew about it and stayed silent and are still taking communion. How do you resolve those issues?

OK let me say I am not buying this. After all the mail, commentary, and everything else after her incident I refuse to believe she does not understand concepts like basic Christian principles of forgiveness of sin and the Catholic sacrament of confession. What does people past "scandals" or past crimes have to do with anything. I have a hard problem here thinking she is so naive. If a ten year old Catholic can grasp these concepts why not Journalist Sally Quinn. She knows the Catholic Church is not like the ancient heresies where they would wait to baptize right before you dies because every sin after that could not be forgiven? Sorry not buying that.

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