Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama Sounds Like Bush On Iraq Again!!!

I might be critical of President Obama on several fronts but as a whole I have been supportive as to foreign affairs regarding our military and some key hot spots.

Exceptions was that horrible Chas Freeman guy (I think that was much more lower White House vetting thing) and the horrible State Dept Legal advisor that has been nominated.

But on things like Iraq I figured Obama had seen the light about the surge and consequences of rapid withdrawal long ago. He knew a good bit of the protest was just pure Bush derangement syndrome that would go away.

Obama said yesterday on one of the premier Sunday talking heads shows

When asked if he would consider speeding up the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, if things are going well enough in the country, Obama said no, that there was still work to be done for the U.S. in Iraq.
“I think the plan that we put forward in Iraq is the right one, which is let's-- have a very gradual withdrawal schedule through the national elections in Iraq. There's still work to be done on the political side-- to resolve differences between the various sectarian groups around issues like oil-- around issues like provincial elections

Good job!!

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