Thursday, March 26, 2009

Archbishop Burke Not Happy With Randall Terry

Well this got interesting. An update here fdealing with yesterday's post Head of Vatican "Supreme Court" Speaks on Communion Issue and Politicians

Whispers has all the details at Burkxploitation?

ROME, Italy - In response to the March 25, 2009 press conference of Mr. Randall Terry in Washington, D.C., the Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Louis and Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, issued the following statement:
“Recently, Mr. Randall Terry and some of his associates visited me in Rome and asked to videotape an interview with me to share with pro-life workers for the purpose of their encouragement. The interview was conducted on March 2, 2009.“Sadly, Mr. Terry has used the videotape for another purpose which I find most objectionable.“

First, Mr. Terry issued a media advisory which gave the impression that I would be physically present at the press conference during which he played the videotape, when, in fact, I was in Rome.

Second, I was never informed that the videotape would become part of a press conference.

“Third, I gave the interview as a Bishop from the United States to encourage those engaged in the respect life apostolate, not as the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

“Fourth, I was never informed that the videotape would be used as part of a campaign of severe criticism of certain fellow bishops regarding the application of Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law

.“If I had known what the true purpose of the interview was, I would never have agreed to participate in it.“I am deeply sorry for the confusion and hurt which the wrong use of the videotape has caused to anyone, particularly, to my brother bishops.”
(Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke
March 26, 2009.

When I posted this yesterday I thought it was a tad strange that Burke was working so lose with Terry on this project. In fact it seemed just explosive and Randall Terry is needless to say a lose Cannon.

Still I am not sure what the main complaint is. I think the complaint is he does not want to be associated with some campaign to remove his fellow Bishops. Well I can see that and very much understand that. I doubt very much the Archbishop wants too see these Bishops removed that Terry is talking about

Though these tapes get out and get copied so there is a good chance the press would pick it up.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I was wondering about this. It looked like Burke was pressuring the U.S. Bishops to do things his way. It didn't seem... "collegial," if you know what I mean.

Now it makes sense.

James H said...

Yeah I was thinking that too. THough I am not sure why he made a tape. I mean he had some strong words on issues. It just seems that he would have to know it would get out and taken a way he didn't want

The whole thing is strange and I did not even know Randall Terry was such a important figire still to evben get in the door