Monday, March 30, 2009

Urinating on the Pope's Foot Comments Edited Out By Paper

Maybe some things need to go down the memory hole. In my native State of Louisiana

Gov. Bobby Jindal emerged as a Union Parish hero following his successful efforts to broker the sale of Pilgrim’s Pride’s Farmerville chicken complex to Foster Farms, especially after committing $50 million of the state’s money to make the deal finally happen on Friday.
“We’re so indebted to the governor,” said state Sen. Mike Walsworth, R-West Monroe. “He just wouldn’t let this go. He was a key component in the entire process.”

Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley agreed, though his praise was less refined.
“If Bobby Jindal walked up and peed on the Pope’s foot, he’d still get every vote in Union Parish,” Buckley said.

Jindal formed a Pilgrim’s Pride Emergency Task Force that began meeting daily at the Capitol almost as soon as Pilgrim’s Pride announced on Feb. 27 that it planned to close the facility in April, eliminating 1,300 jobs and virtually ruining 300 independent chicken growers.
“Gov. Jindal and his staff worked day and night to put this deal together,” said Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, who was one of the lead members of the task force. “I’m sure I am speaking on behalf of the hundreds of Louisiana farmers and all of the employees who would have lost their livelihoods when I say thank you, Governor

Note the esteemed News Star World has now edited out those wonderful remarks by the Sheriff.

Oh too funny

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