Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Catholic Plague in the South- Blame General Sherman

Who knew the Yankees not only destroyed the innocent and wonderful Confederate Government but they also established the anti Christ (Catholics) in the American South. (Though I suspect in the below mentioned blog at some point he must go after Jeff Davis and the VP of the Confderate States that were also pro-Catholic)

A little humor this morning on the anti Catholic fringes.

This is a pretty funny anti Catholic site. Go see Jefferson's Whig Prophecy Fulfilled: Anti-Christ, Rome, JFK's assassins and 9-11 . I noted this web site because over that the Atlanta Journal Constitution he informs the good citizens of Georgia in the comments of this article that:

The Baptists and Masons have kept Rome (called “an engine for enslaving mankind,” and “the real Anti-Christ,” by Our Founder, Author and Prophet Thomas Jefferson) tamped down here, but they are still coming on strong with their stratagem of illegal immigration and forcing support of the false money they foisted off on us through the Robber Barons at Jekyll Island in 1913.
The unconstitutional Federal Reserve “potion” Rome’s Fifth Column made us swallow must be seen as the “Mr. Hyde” it truly is. Just next door on St. Simons we did to them physically and biologically at Bloody Marsh what we must now do on our borders and state houses legally, politically and spiritually for America to flourish as the Land of Promise once more

Oh and it gets much better :)

I went over to his blog and his entry Falsified History: Roman Catholics in Dixie

History of Atlanta, Georgia," by Wallace Putnam Reed: "By July 1862 the following hospitals had been established: The Empire Hospital, Heery Hospital, Gate City, City Hotel, Alexander Concert Hall, Wilson's, Denny Medical College, and Janes and Hayden's."St. Joseph's was established in 1880, nine years before the above book was published in 1889. Built by the Roman Catholics who came and conquered with virulent Roman Catholic William Tecumsah Sherman's "March to the Sea," with an army of Irish, Italian, and German Roman Catholic immigrants, largely "off the boat," it is pure fabrication and papist propaganda to suggest St. Joseph's was Atlanta's "first hospital.'It works well as a lie for Roman Catholics wishing to enchance/falsify their "Dixie cred," to add to another, often repeated, that a non-existant "Father O'Reilly" interposed himself before the advancing column of his co-religionists to threaten excommunication should Sherman or his troops burn the downtown churches of Atlanta. ..............

all knew the "Union" was pursuing interests of "Popery and Black (corrupt) Republicanism," just as they were when they later financed the rise of Hitler; effected, through a Knight of Malta-led Roman Catholic CIA hit-team, overseen by Richard Nixon and GHW Bush, the assassination of Kennedy and King to send us to die for their pope in Vietnam; and, cheating a homosexual draft-dodger into the White House to commit 9/11.

Oh and don't fall for the evil Bobby Jindal either or even that supposed ex Catholic Sarah Palin (she must be a secret Agent.

In his entry President Jindal????

Louisiana is a cancer on America. There its political and criminal corruption is not even an open secret: it is an open fact. Jindal is its fulfillment.Inbred whitetrash Sarah Palin sucked up to and fronted for Roman Catholic/Vatican-banker-Rockefeller Big Oil in Alaska and was nominated for their Bush3 ticket by the same crowd who killed Meriwether Lewis and Abraham Lincoln, financed Hitler, assassinated Kennedy and King, cheated a homosexual draft-dodger into the White House and committed 9/11 for heroin and oil.........

The People can be “divided and conquered,” like Gingrich for the DuPonts, Bushes for the Rockefellers, and Piyush Jindal for Rome’s Fifth Column ensconced in Roman Catholic/Mafia-dominated Louisiana, Freedom’s battle for America must be fought anew.

Roman Catholic Mafia Dominated Louisiana!!!!

Question -if Jefferson was so fearful of Catholics why did he buy Louisiana that had so many of those Popish souls

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