Friday, July 1, 2011

John Allen Has Best Line On Possible Future Pope - Cardinal Angelo Scola, as the new Archbishop of Milan

In case you missed it this appointment is a rather big deal by Pope Benedict. John Allen has the story at Meet the new Crown Prince of Catholicism

John Allen was n a good humor today it appears. I laughed at this part:

Given the historic rivalry between Communion and Liberation and the progressive currents in Milan under Martini, the Scola appointment is an especially bitter pill for many Milanese liberals. They seem to feel a bit like Red Sox fans when they see the American League pennant slipping away: “Please, God, anyone but the Yankees!”)
Scola’s nomination, the statement asserted, “confirms the scarce spirit of ecclesical communion of those who now guide the church, who want to impose a single line everywhere and at whatever cost. It’s the line of those who want to put the Second Vatican Council into a deep freeze.”

Love him or hate him, however, Scola is now firmly ensconced as the Crown Prince of Catholicism. Regardless of what might happen in a future conclave, it will be fascinating to watch how he chooses to spend that political capital in the here-and-now.


There is a lot of talk that the next Pope needs to be from beyond Europe. An African or an Latin American. Well that might happen. However fo despite my generation that is used to non Italian Popes they might be due an Italian one ( if the of course the Holy Spirit guides in that direction) The Pope is indeed the Bishop of Rome and it might be time that they get an Italian for a little while. Of course lets hope that day is far off for all of us..

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