Monday, July 4, 2011

Despite Pending Vatican Summer Vacation Major Developments For American Church Coming ?

Whispers in the Loggia has a nice 4th of July Post which includes the wonder ancient prayer for the United States. See Independence....

However he starts out that post:
And so, church, with a blessedly long -- and, 'round here, just as needed -- holiday weekend nearing its peak, a peaceful, relaxing, sweet and Happy 4th to one and all, and safe travels to those checking in from the road.

While this point of the calendar would normally mark the beat's "end of school" and the beginning of Vatican (and, ergo, these pages') summer, all indications remain that we've still got some considerable fish -- or, in this case, steaks -- to fry in due course, so you'll probably want to stay tuned for the ad intra fireworks.

Along those lines, by right -- at least, in a perfect world -- your narrator would be crashed out on some generous soul's couch at the Shore by now. For the record, though, I've yet to see sand this season, and likely won't til everything's wrapped up down here in the bunker... and, for that matter, Upstairs.

Still, even if the Jersey coastline's steadily eroding, luckily the place ain't going anywhere more quickly than the news... and, in the meantime, such is the work.............

No doubt this is partly in reference to the naming of the new Archbishop of Philadelphia which Archdiocese has been under siege of late. It seems that the appointment could happen at any time. Who know what else is up during this traditional down period.

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