Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Same Sex Marriage Without the "Gay"

American Thinker points out something I have tried to bring up before. See Same-sex Marriage: No Gay Required

Hey buddy I need to get on you health insurance. Lets get married!! When you think about one would not even have to make all that public in your community you are married to a person of the same sex . Just go out of state and "Get married". Basically the only people would know or have to know are the various employer and Govt agencies in which you are dealing with which"marriage" give you some benefit.

I suppose this happens to some extent as to people of the opposite sex (traditional marriage) but one can envision this could become a much bigger problem in the future.

Which leads to the question. Will future same sex marriage advocates demand a LEGAL requirement of something akin to consummation so that the special moral anchor that marriage gives and thus opens to the door to all sort of new rights is not put in peril?


Anonymous said...

Archbishop Adam Exner of Vancouver, B.C., used to make this very point in Canada's gay-"marriage" debate. Why privilege sex? Why not any two people?

James H said...

It is sort of odd how this might be basically that.