Friday, July 1, 2011

Interview With Pontifical Council for Christian Unity Official Upsets Some in Anglican Ordinariates

I was waiting for the blow back on this. As I indicated yesterday I did not find his remarks all that helpful. See my post Vatican Official Says Celibate Clergy Will Be In Anglican Ordinariate Future

For the response to his interview and remarks see The Revd Anthony Chadwick: Ecumenism and the Ordinariates via the Ordinariate Portal. I have yet to review the other blogs that keep up with the Ordinariate to see their reaction.

Now the issue , as I alluded too yesterday , is not celibacy of course but rather the tone and yes indeed how some things that were phrased. With a tad of apprehension on all sides I guess we just better get used too this. There will be bumps in the road and before people on any side get their feelings hurt some prayer is called for. This will happen again.

However I am giving Monsignor Langham a tad of a break. He is devoted to ecumenism and I suppose when you called by the Church to do a certain thing at the highest levels then it is easy to lose the forest for the trees. I hate to use a corporation analogy but I will. Sometimes in Government and in business the agendas, goals, etc of different offices / Staffs come into conflict a tad and give tension.

Regardless the Pontifical Council of Unity I think needs to be more careful here since they are not running the show. But on the flip side it's honest and perhaps that's good. If we know there is resistance we can dialogue with it and smooth it out when it appears.

All in all though is barely a minor hiccup.

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