Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Louisiana Catholic Dies In Prison That Made A Difference

This post by Abita Deacon really touched me and gave me yet another uneasy feeling we Catholics in the Parishes are not doing NEARLY enough to support Catholic ministry in Prison. I know from past experience and it makes a real difference but they are all sort of out of sight and out of mind .

Abita Deacon has Saying farewell inside prison. The post he talks about in the "saying farewell" link can be seen here at The death of an inmate has impact on me.

How many Catholic blog posts do we see on Prison and jail ministry? Well you are not you seeing it from me and come to think of it, besides Abita Deacon who serves there and posts about it, I am drawing a huge blank where else I see it.

We should feel pretty bad about that I think. It's one of those thing you assume people are doing but heck maybe they are not. I am sure there even more than outside the workers are few.

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