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Bishop Duca Gives Vision For Future of Diocese of Shreveport ( Vid and My Notes)

Bishop Duca Speech at the 25th Anniversary Celebration from Jessica Rinaudo on Vimeo.

One can download it here and also view it there too. (its a HUGE FILE) This is from the 25th Anniversary of the Diocese of Shreveport that was held in June in which Bishop Duca ( the second Bishop of this relative young Diocese) gives his outlook for the Diocese of Shreveport and his vision. It has just appeared Online.

He is a very good speaker and I hope people go and watch the VID instead just of my inadequate notes.



He talks about ROAMING CATHOLICS and what Parish Boundaries mean nowadays. Some Churches grow but the number of Catholics don't increase overall in the area.

He talks that we are getting low on Priests and wonders why we are not producing them

He talks about the need that giving(Financial) to the Diocese needs to be more spread out.


Challenges should not be viewed as depressing. The Church has had to face hard challenges as the status quo forever. Christ is with us and will be till the end of time. Our biggest challenge is trusting God, dying to self, etc. ( HEY HE SOUNDS LIKE CHAPUT :) )

Bishop Duca says nationwide Mass attendance is a huge issue and it makes us lose our connection with Church.

Bishop Duca talks about the need for us spread the faith to others (Clapping at my computer)

Our Faith is not just our personal salvation (while it's important) but we are called to spread the good news. Evangelizing is the final maturing of our faith.

Quotes 2nd Timothy as the scriptural theme ( Stirring into a flame)


(1) Starts with us as individuals.

(2) Then we go out

Evangelising shall be a standard and a model that will show how the Faith is happening in our lives, in our Parish etc.

There shall be a plan for each Parish. -

One big idea for this year as go through this "year of process"" as to what is working and what is not working as to spreading the good news: Is our Church life, what we are doing, the programs we do etc inspire us to go out and proclaim the Good News.

When you are asked what it takes to be a good Catholic we need to think that it means that bringing people to the Church.

Tells reality that the Catholic Church will not grow because of population growth in North Louisiana but because we bring people to it.

Talks about Hispanic growth ( the only area of growth we have had).

We are in a crisis of culture. We must now depend on the Church more than ever to give us Christian teaching and ethos. The culture is having less and less a Christian ethos that gives us teaching and guidance .

There are people in the Church that want to be part of the Church but are in opposition to the basic tenets of the faith ( this happens in the office and elsewhere).

Charity is a key which is why he started Catholic Charities in the Diocese.

Our actions are the most key. When we live the Gospel people are drawn to it even if we say nothing. Again renewal must start in our own hearts.

We must be able to witness our Faith in a way that speaks to the modern culture.

In closing:
How we evangelize should be the standard of how we are doing.

He uses the Gospel lesson of the rich man who would not sell all his possessions to follow Christ as to calling (very good).

-We Shall go through this process as an Diocese and in Union with other.
-We must look at our individuals Parish, demographics and how we grow.
-We must look to new future leaders , Priests , Sisters, Lay people,
-Charity and which includes the immigrant.

In a years time we shall have a Diocese wide pastoral council of every Parish in which we shall come together and move forward together.

Bishop Duca says WE NEED A BIGGER VISION!!

In essence if I may I think the Bishop is saying if you are not sharing your faith and we ( as a Parish, Diocese, etc) is not sharing it then its a good indication our Faith needs to be renewed. Time for a gut check. How we spread the Gospel is a positive measuring mark of that.

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