Monday, July 18, 2011

Archbishop Chaput and His Future Relationship With The East Coast Media -

I mentioned below in my post below, Archbishop Chaput to Become New Archbishop of Philadelphia (Links) , that Archbishop Chaput has no problem speaking his mind . In that post I linked a past article The Bishop's Ax Falls on Obama. And on the Vatican Curia.

Archbishop's Chaput's public bully pulpit is about to increase big time with his move from Denver to Philadelphia .

Chaput has an interesting relationship with the media ,and it will be something to watch as he will now be in the important Northeast Corridor of media that pretty much decides what the news is that filters on our front pages out in the sticks.

Chaput is not an unknown quantity to the east coast media , and if he was he surely was not after last year's Religion news writer conference in which he was a speaker at.

The speech was typical Chaput which means good , intelligent and thought provoking .

However what got people attention was the Q and A session after wards which depending on your point of view was "awkward" or "we need more of this". Get Religion had a post on that at Bam: Chaput boycotts the NYT .

Chaput is actually quite open with interacting with the media. What should not be missed is this very good speech and again Q and A session with some big media heavey hitters that happened in 2009. See this where The Pew forum had a Q and A session between Archbishop Chaput and the press. See The Political Obligations of Catholics: A Conversation With the Most Rev. Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver. Good stuff.

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