Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will the Catholic Church Have to Rebaptize Episcopal Converts

Well at the very least now certain questions are going to have be asked. Perhaps it is not safe to assume anymore. Usually this issue comes up with Pentecostal groups or other that just baptize in the name of Jesus.

It appears times are a changing in the Episcopal Church in some places. This Mississippi Episcopal Priest blogger has Episcopal Parish Revises Baptismal Liturgy to be Interfaith Inclusive. This goes on more than people realize and in the Catholic Church we have had to be on our guard for this.

It appears the actual words of the Baptism were valid and were not touched but it is just a short leap to those monkeyshines. A very uncomfortable small step as many of us Catholics have seen when this is attempted.

Again I have strong suspicions that in a number of Anglican Parishes the very Trinity formula is not being used.


SJ Reidhead said...

I read the litany - which is ALL WRONG. And you wonder why some of us who are Episcopalian are so upset. The rubrics of the BCP are quite clear. What the you know what (word begins with an "h" good is baptism if it is not done in the name of the Holy Trinity? And, you are not to have godparents who are not baptized Christians.

I'm sorry, a litany like the one to which you exposes is evil - there is no other term for it.

A good Episcopalian or Anglican is more "Catholic" than most Catholics today. Do you know how heartsick most of us are over this kind of do-do!

The Pink Flamingo

James H said...

I so agree. I have seen Liturgical Terrorist try this in the Catholic Church. It appears to me that the Baptism made in the name of Trinity was untouched here (at least it is not noted) but like we had in some Catholic circle last decade some jump and change that. We had a huge scandal with that in one Parish in Australia recently