Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democrats Not Concerned About Blacks and Hispanics In Nursing Homes? More Health Care Bill Monkeyshines?

HOPE AND CHANGE!!!! What a Catholic Social Justice Friendly bill this is.

How come I have a idea this was put in to protect certain folks that might own certain nursing homes from liability.

Serious Racial Discrimination in Obamacare [Peter Kirsanow] As Hans von Spakovsky notes, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has raised a number of concerns with President Obama and Congress about racially discriminatory provisions in both the House and Senate health care bills.

One provision in the Senate health-care bill not cited by Hans is Section 2046 (b)(3) that creates separate and unequal operating standards for long-term care facilities that serve racial and ethnic minorities. Section 2046 (b)(3) grants the secretary of HHS the discretion to waive substantial penalties (i.e., fines of up to $300,000 and debarment from federal programs) for failing to report elder abuse and other crimes committed against residents of long-term care facilities that serve racial and ethnic minorities. Obviously, this could increase the probability that residents of such facilities won't receive the same level of protection as residents of nursing homes that serve non-minority populations.

Now, it's unlikely the Senate meant to give minority nursing homes license to beat Granny, but thus far, the Commission's concerns remain unaddressed. Where are the members of the Congressional Black Caucus? The Congressional Hispanic Caucus? 12/22 02:43 PMShare

What about Jews and Jewish retirement homes in like Florida. Are they now excluded? DO they fit the ethnic minority thinge. Not sure. SOUNDS VERY FISHY TO ME

I have to admit I have never seen a "black" or a minority retirement home but I guess they exist. Who owns these things?

Someone gives me explanation
There are low tier nursing homes for people that get only Medicaid, and these are often filled with mainly blacks or minorities, depending on the demographics of the area. They have less to operate with than the better homes. Perhaps it is to protect the big bad corporations, but the fact is if you put the poorer facilities out of business the old people have no where else to go or Medicaid would have to raise the payment to get them into better places. Or the poor could keep their parents home instead of warehousing them and have access to their Social Security checks. So the government is in a tight spot, if they shut down the worst homes.

I guess the demographics is the key. In my area that is pretty mixed it seems these homes are pretty integrated. These really needs to be investigated

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