Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things I Bought With My Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

I got for Christmas. Finally just got the order placed.

City of God by St Augustine (somehow I lost my other copy)

Spirit of the Liturgy by the now Pope Benedict. I wanted to read something by Pope Benedict and I had heard this was one of his good ones. They are all pretty good but I keep hearing good thngs about this one.

Not by Faith Alone: A Biblical Study of the Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Robert A. Sungenis. This is another book I had bought years ago loaned out at some time or lost somehow in my moves. Yeah I know he is kind of nutty now but I recall this book was very very very good and handy.

The Dialectics of Secularization On Reason and Religion . This was series of insightful essays by the then Cardinal Ratzinger and an German Athiest by the name of Jürgen Habermas. Here is a slight burb. Pretty excited about this one. Short but good.

Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation and Applying Its Lessons Today by Michael Barber is the Professor of Theology, Scripture and Catholic Thought at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego

Hopefully I will get some more ( we are the type of Family where Christmas family gift giving) is sort of spread out over two weeks as we visit other branches of the family. If so there are some historical books I want.


Mary Ellen said...

Merry Christmas, JH! Looks like you'll be enjoying your winter with some great new books. I've never read City of God (what kind of Catholic am I??) but I think it's time I go buy a copy. It looks like this is going to be a long winter in the Chicago area.

James H said...

I love City of God by it shows Augustines wit lol and humor