Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amusing Catholic Post of the Day

Vox Nova has an post on abortion and party politics. I disagree with a good bit of it though I am a huge advocate of a pro-life movement in both parties. But this sort of made me chuckle

The choice is between a Party too beholden to pro-choice groups (the Democrats) and a Party whose glaring hypocrisy on war, torture, opposition to anything meant to lift up workers or help the poor, and so forth, seriously undermines their “pro-life” case (the Republicans). The pro-life movement throwing in their lot with the Republican Party was a serious strategic error, in my judgment. In exchange for “supporting” pro-lifers, the Republicans have bought the relative silence of pro-life Catholics on other issues (the previously-mentioned torture and war, plus tilting the flow of economic benefits toward the rich, and much else) where truly pro-life Catholics would otherwise oppose them, and in strenuous terms.

There is much more with uses of words such as "hearts and minds" and "Mission Accomplished" that is sort of mocking and the EWTN CROWD whatever that is and other snarkiness

I am not taking this too personal. Yeah I suspect we would disagree on what is just war and what is and what is not torture. Of course his accusation that the GOP cares nothing for the poor and the workers is way over broad. But heck he is behind a computer screen and I guilty of this too. I suspect if we met for a drink or a coffee he would be hesitant to throw out the "glaring hypocrisy" charge to my face until he got to know me. You know at least till we conversed for a hour or so if I should turn in my "truly Catholic" secret decoder ring.

But I got a chuckle when he ended his piece on how we convert people to the pro-life cause

I firmly believe that any truly effective pro-life movement must be grounded in love – deep, agape love. Not demonization of our opponent, but lovingly appealing to his or her conscience.

Is there a disconnect here? My gosh I get the feeling he thinks of my Republican Catholic little self as akin to Attila the Hun and then we are talking about AGAPE, LOVE, Appealing to Conscience, and not demonizing.

Charity starts at home as they say and perhaps among pro-lifers themselves.


Lazy Disciple said...

Dear James,

You hit the nail on the head with this.

Folks on all points along the Catholic and the political spectrum are at constant risk of it: I remember one day when Mark Shea lamented the celerity with which "we" are willing "to throw one of [our own] under the bus."

A few hours later, he was calling for the crucifixion of Sen. Brownback for - horror of horrors - supporting the nomination of the governor of his state as HHS Secretary.

We'd all do better to remember that the essence of active politics is prudence - that rarest knack for letting true knowledge of the good inform one's pursuit of the possible.


James H said...

It is true and we all fall victim to it. I think of course there are some issues that are of course non negotiable. On items that are pf "prudential" judgement I realize I need to keep my mind open.

Still it is hard to keep ones mind open with one the other is making you out to have the worst motives.

That is one reason even with Shea who is foten great on things I don't get into debates on his comboxes. I spend half my time trying to prove I don't have some dark motive or allegiance which of course one can't do

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