Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doug Kmiec Is Speaking Again!!! Merry Christmas

I must say I thought he would follow protocal and shut up while he was there.

Undiplomatic Kmiec [Ed Whelan]
I had imagined that an incidental benefit of Doug Kmiec’s appointment as
attorney general of Wales — oops, I mean as U.S. ambassador to Malta — was that he would no longer be publicly offering his, er, insights on matters not related to the thorny issues of U.S.-Malta relations. It turns out that I was wrong. Kmiec is among the “more than three dozen [self-described] pro-life Christian pastors, leaders and theologians” who released a statement last Friday “applaud[ing] Sen. Robert Casey’ [sic] proposed alternative language on abortion” in the Senate health-care bill.
One very experienced former U.S. ambassador tells me that he “doesn’t know of any political or career ambassador who has ever signed a statement like Kmiec’s.”
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