Friday, December 25, 2009

Were there Huge Crowds At All Your Christmas Services (Protestant and Catholic)

What was the crowd like. I had to do family stuff in Bossier Citry Louisiana so I went to the Diocese of Shreveport Catherdral for 11 am Christmas Day Mass. THE PLACE WAS FULL.

A few years ago not so much. Every one went to Midnight Mass or the ones at 4 or 6 pm. The Priest said they had record crowds at all Anticipation Masses the evening before. So it could be things are just fire at the Catherdral and they do have a good priest and I have to admit our new Bishop has got things moving .

Or is it we are starting to see a new spirtuality accoss the board Catholic ,Protestant .etc

Or are people reaaly unsettled about what is going on around them and they are going back their faith.

I keep hearing about huge crowds the last couple of days at several places How was at it your Crurch rather it be Catholic or Protestant. I am including Carol services and the traditional Candlelight Communion services that Methodist have etc etc etc


Unknown said...


In Ville Platte, we have three Catholic churches: Our Lady Queen of All Saints, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Joseph. (We have the Holy Family in town!! Yeah!!). I am a parishioner at OLQAS.

My family and I attended the 4 pm Vigil Mass, and it was packed. But, it usually is.

I don't know about attendance at the other Mass times at any of the churches.

God bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas.

James H said...

Thanks Nicolas. Merry Christmas to your too

Subvet said...

I went to the 4 P.M. Mass on Christmas Eve while the wife stayed home with the kids. The weather was cold, windy and snowing (in North Texas!!).

I arrived at 3:20. The. Place. Was. Packed.

Not just SRO, but two or three deep standing on the sides. This was in addition to the parish hall being opened up with a video feed for the Mass.

Wonder what it would have been like if the weather was better?

Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

8 AM mass - church > 3/4 empty

Mary Ellen said...

I went to the 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass and as always, it was jam-packed. There was also a 4:00 pm Mass going on at the same time in our chapel, which holds about 150 people. The 6:00 pm Mass was also packed, from what I understand, as was the Midnight Mass. It seems that most of the Christmas Eve Masses are more crowded. I've never gone to the Christmas Day Masses, but I assume they are also well attended because they continue to have so many of them (5 Masses with two of them having simultaneous Mass at the Chapel).

Our Church also seems to have long lines at the confessionals every weekend. So, we are either really big sinners, or just really big on the Sacrament of Confession. Those priests just don't get a break!