Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010 Opinionated Catholic Viewers!!!

Actually at the time of this posting I am still in the old year. But the ball has dropped in New York so there you go. I am Catholic and big into ritual/symbolism and for me the New Year starts in Time Square New York. I suppose it is all part of our American Civic Religion.

As usual I am spending this New Years Eve at home. I never got the Lets go out and party like a Rock star on New Years Eve DNA. This might have been aided greatly since when I was old enough to go out even the most redneck dives of a bar will suddenly charge 20 to 30 bucks just to get in!!! Who wants that.

I think I was about 20 when I realized going out on New Years was just too much of a hassle.

Oh I love to party but most of my best New Years Eve memories have been small parties with family and friends. Been that way since college. For some reason going out the night of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day "night" have been the times I recall and cherish better than going out on New Years Eve. The only exception was one New Years Night night at a bar called Centenary Oyster House that I was too young to really get into.

I seemed to click with every girl in the place and especially those exotic mysterious , at that time of my life , women 30 to 40 years old. Great stuff when you are 19 and you are a hick from a small town and with our Southern version of the cool and jet set. The music was perfect the women were beautiful and somehow I could say nothing wrong that would have the women "have to check in own their friend".

But I love New Years Eve. I never can understand people that go to bed early on this night. People who REALLY go out of their way to tell you they went to bed about 10 pm on New Year's Eve seem to have amazing correlation with being the most annoying on Earth as to other issues.

Seeing the NEW YEAR come in is important to me.

Anyway thanks for the readership. I hope to make this a better blog in the New Year. More attention to detail and such.

I will say this. Before I die I am getting to Times Square for the big event.. I am going to do that one day.


Jim said...

Happy New Year! (Wasn't that Centenary Oyster House something?)

James H said...

Thanks Oh I loved the Oyster House. It was a great little place