Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should I Contribute to the National Review Webathon? Hmmmmm

I like NRO and if you look at the recent entries of the Corner they are really asking for Donations. I am feeling better about them than I did just months ago. I have linked them a lot

However after reviewing my thoughts from the last couple of months:
Does The National Review Worry About Selling Magazines? More Huckabee Bashing!!!
National Review's Laughable Anti Huckabee Bias On Display Today
Kathryn Lopez is Pimpin her Anti Mike Huckabee Article Again today ,
Mrs Lopez at National Review Is Attacking MIKE Huckabee Again , and
Kathryn Jean Lopez Obsession With Huckabee Continues

I think I shall keep them on double probation for the next year. I see no reason why my money should be used to promote the 2012 Romney Republican Primary Race or whoever they pimp.

Hopefully they will understand that many Conservatives , not just Huckabee supporters, were concerned how they handled themselves during the election. (The Exception being Bryon York that was very fair)

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