Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why Are Social Conservative Treated So Unfairly?

This is becoming a major problem and I will point out what I think the major problem is. But first Pro Eccelsia has the latest rant against Social Conservatives at Deal Hudson: "A Warning to the GOP"

The problem is this. The media, the pundit just see Major successful "Social Conservative" leaning politicians and just see that.

Lets look at Huckabee. This guy ran a state was a major success and all people want to talk (besides the lying idiots are the Club for Growth) about was DOES HUCKABEE BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. I mean the social conservative issues are important but know one seemed to give a big darn in the media about what else he did. What did he do in Arkansas ? Well who cares lets talk about the "God"questions 99 percent of the time.

The above link references Sarah Palin. What did she do in Alaska?. Alaska and the challenges they face must be interesting. NO lets not talk about and have a million articles if she spoke in tongues. Isn't this strange since social conservative issues have not been a huge focus of her agenda in Alaska nor was it exactly something she was booming on the stump in 08.

I bet you dollar to donuts that if Jindal runs his management of the State of Louisiana will not be a huge area peole will run too but his social conservatism views. DID HE PERFORM A EXORCISM!!! I suspect will be a topic tather his Governing during major Hurricanes and other issues

Again this is getting annoying. Social Conservatives must fight not only for social conservative concerns but fight to make sure that we are mot put into a box

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