Monday, November 24, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For Monday, November 24, 2008

Tine for the Louisiana Catholic Blog update. Let us see what Louisiana Catholic Blogs have been saying over the weekend since my last update.

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: November 23, 2008 ( She has Saints!! today) That is Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr (died 101), Saint Columban, or Columbanus, Abbot (died 615), and Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro, Priest and Martyr (died 1927).

Or Louisiana based Mission folks Anthony , Holly, and Elijah in Missions are Home for the Holidays

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has The Start of Reflections On this Semester

Witnessing Hope our Louisiana gal that is currently in Comayagua, Honduras has Pictures and a Post from a Fellow Missioner

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their daily major update as usual.

I must have missed these post on the last update but For The Greater Glory has A quick thought on the Catholic response to the Obama election and Picture of the Day Nov 21th 2008

Full Circle is playing around with something I saw mentioned on a few blogs the other day. See What type is my blog

Astonished, Yet at Home! has A Prayer Request ( I am praying), Thank You Les Miles ,The Most Pro-Abortion President Ever? , Pro-Science and Pro-Life , New Oxford Review on Jindal the Exorcist and the Daily Kos (Good Article here and I will highlight later) , Alan Colmes Leaving Hannity & Colmes ( I have to admit I like Colmes too), and Jindal Says No in Iowa

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has My Blog is a Thinker, I'm a Feeler (Like Full Circle hs is playing around with this new net gadget too)

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES our soon to be Catholic in the Ruston area has My Sunday ( He got to go to our Catherdral and heard a Homily from of my favorite priests in the Diocese). See also The Catholic Church , and The Feast of Christ the King

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Not Me Monday and We Spent the Last Three Days... ( I never knew when Lake Charles Area folks say "..."down East." that was in reference to Lafayette.

Maudie in Mandeville has Where is Robert Kennedy, Jr.? and 'Peace be with you, you're absolved'

Our Catholic Deacon in New Orleans Life on the (L)edge has HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GISSELLE! and I MIGHT WALK A MILE FOR THIS CAMEL

Our Expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily message at Feast of Saint Andrew Dung Lac & Comp. (24 Nov 2008)

Finally our Expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has 188 Japanese Martyrs to be Beatified Today in Nagasaki ,Saint of the Day: Andrew Dung Lac and the Vietnamese Martyrs ,Pope Benedict XVI's Life , Anthem to my King! , Cristo Rey, Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro and the Cristeros , Pope Benedict XVI: The Monastery is an oasis of ascetic life , The Servant of God Jan Tyranowski on the way to the altars and Pope Pius XII: Vatican Exhibit Reveals the Truth

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