Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anti Catholic Material In Homeschooling Materials

I just mentioned this blog On the Road to Rome at Former Louisiana Anti Catholic Becoming Catholic

She is also home schools. She has a interesting posts about anti Catholic material that I suppose is seen in a lot of Home Schooling material. Since most Home School folks are Evangelical I guess this not shocking. See Cleaning House (or, Regarding the Truth - pt. 2) .

I guess of course you see this in the history stuff. THe fact that American Catholic history is not noted or even acknowledged for the most part in Public schools I guess sets the background for that. One would think it was just all Protestants in the beginning.

Fo those interested I have a number of Catholic Home Schooling folks on my list and quite a few Louisiana folks

I suppose the Grand Godmother of that Louisiana Home School Catholic Blog category is Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks . She writes books and stuff followed closely by Moms and Kids At Home .

Full Circle , Footprints on the Fridge ,The Wolf Den , and Forty Four also are Louisiana Catholics that Homeschool and bring up the topic on occasion.

On my general Catholic links former Louisiana resident Vox Feminae , and The Catholic Spitfire Grill . I thnk there are one of two others on there that also homeschool but these leap to mind.

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Anonymous said...

The public school curriculum isn't much better ...

I know some Catholic homeschoolers that use material I would consider to be anti-Catholic. I don't know why they would when there are solid Catholic homeschooling resources out there but they do. Most, however, stick with solid Catholic resources.

That said, I think its foolish to tie your hands. There are some good Evangelical curriculum out there. In fact, one curriculum specifically intends to remain as "indifferent" as possible regarding the Catholic Church especially in its Church history books. As a result, it has actually caused some people to convert to Catholicism. I am not sure that is their intent but indifference is a good starting point. One of the good outcomes of the more modern and tolerant end of Evangelicalism is that it is SO divorced from its Protestant roots that it sees the Catholic Church like it sees every other "denominiation". Partly true -- partly false as a result of sin and man-made intervention. You can't have it all right?

Those are the people who will grow up and listen to what you have to say and who will take Newman's claims seriously rather than dismissing them out of hand because "everyone knows the Catholic Church is untrustworthy" ...