Friday, November 21, 2008

American Catholic Magazine - Tom Daschle is a Good Thing ( AKA Lets Bash Catholic Republicans)

To come up with with the idea that the appointment of "Catholic" Tom Daschle to become Secretary of Health and Human Services is a good thing.

Tip of the hat to Pro -Ecclesia who found this post by American Papist who gives very good shreading of America latest thoughts at The Daschle Glass if Half Empty .

The article goes off into La La land when it starts with this slam "The Church in America today is burdened by a group of conservative prelates and laity all of whom seem to be taking their marching orders from the Republican National Committee".

Names please, issues please. Of course that is garbage.

He then goes on to say:

The press is not discussing his position on FOCA because they know that FOCA will never pass Congress and the while Deal Hudson and his GOP allies succeeded in making it the bug-a-boo for their friends in the hierarchy, it is a phantom issue, a scare tactic.

Wow!! First he does not really back up this assertion in now what could be a filbuster proof Senate this has no chance of passwage. Also please note it is become clear this article should have the subtitle (Why I don't like Catholic Republicans) The Bishops, Rome, and others are speaking out with alarm about FOCA. Not just little on Deal Hudson and his unnamed "GOP Allies". People such as Cardinal Rigali of Philly (You know one of those people that can be elected Pope and All) who is chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life.

As American Papist notes "Daschle fundraises for NARAL, for pete's sake!"

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