Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Is The Pope Francis Daily Mass Homily Not Appearing On Vatican Web SIte ?

One of the more interesting things about the Pope Francis Pontificate so far is that he is doing a daily Mass that has a lot of attendance and gets more press. This includes his homily !!

In fact if this continues we could have Pope Francis being  in the news more than any other Pope so far. In other words there is a real Pope angle everyday for the media to cover.

This has I suppose it's up side and down sides. So far it's been I think a plus. That being said I could perhaps see a Bishops viewpoint there are times the Vatican needs to recede a tad.

Regardless some Catholics are asking why are  the full transcripts  not available ? See Please, Holy See communication officials, make up your minds about the Pope's weekday sermons! 

At some point the press honeymoon with Pope Francis is going to end and I expect we shall go back to the practice of taking some Papal quotes out of context to get headlines.  This is likely to happen a good bit when the Pope is is increasing what he says in a public forum drastically. So the Holy See needs I think to be ready to get the full transcripts up .That is helpful and indeed necessary when Catholics on the internet can counteract some perhaps unfair reporting.

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