Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twitter - Savior or Wrecker of Western Society ?

Last night my Bishop came for his Year of Faith to our Parish. I think I am going to try to devote a post to that later since it was very worthwhile. However I did could a laugh that he indeed picked up on my "hint" that he should join some of his other Bishops on the twitter.

On that note not all people are fans of the twitter and that goes for one person at the Weekly Standard. Thomas Hill at First Things responds with Three Cheers for the Twidiocracy .

I also might add an fourth cheer. I have that a good number of people that write articles of some importance that are also on the twitter will often respond to something you wish to comment on about. Further I have noted quite a few religious leader on the twitter when respond to an observation you make. I think that is productive too.

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