Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vatican Radio Interview Bishop Vásquez of Austin And West Texas Parish Priest On Tragic Explosion

The town of West Texas is one of those interesting small American small towns you run across that make you ponder the history of an area. It has a strong Czech presence so much so that the explosion that rocked the town has the Czech Ambassador to the USA heading to the town down to give support.The picture above is from the Westfest that is held each Labor day to celebrate their heritage.

It is also an town in area of Texas that has a strong Catholic presence for such a small town. Vatican Radio pretty quickly had a nice article and radio interview with  Bishop Valdez of the Diocese of Austin and Father Ed Karasek, the pastor of St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Parish in West .See Catholic community helps in wake of Texas explosion .

The Catholic Charities web page for West Texas assistance is located here.

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