Friday, April 12, 2013

Pope Francis Says Democracy of The Dead Has A Say - Tradition and Scripture

Pope Francis talked to the Pontifical Biblical Commission today. Full transcript here at  Pope: The unbreakable unity between Scripture and Tradition 

He said among many things : "Respect for this profound nature of Scripture conditions the very validity and effectiveness of biblical hermeneutics. This results in the insufficiency of any interpretation that is either subjective or simply limited to an analysis incapable of embracing the global meaning that has constituted the Tradition of the entire People of God over the centuries, which “in credendo falli nequit" [cannot be mistaken in belief – ed](Conc Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. VAT. II, Dogmatic Cost. Lumen Gentium, 12)."

I might comment on something  relating to this and Pope Benedict's thoughts on the matter later. I want to get a few other Catholic Scripture blogs take.

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