Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Real Workable 3D Printed Gun Closer Than We Think ? How Will Faith Communities Respond

I have talked about the 3 D Printing of guns before and it appears that reality may be here much quicker than people thought.

Prof Josh Blackburn has a post up over comments Cody Wilson , that troublesome Texas College Student and head of Defense Distributed , made a couple of day ago  at a conference in New York. See Coming Soon: 3D-Printed Handgun.

If successful this could be the new "shot heard around the world " as we become so much closer to having every person in the world that has access to the internet having access to near instant gun production.

The Governments seem behind the 8 ball on this  , and so are Faith Communities and Churches that are for various forms of gun control. As to the Church it might have to totally rethink laws it promotes to restrict gun access in light of this technology. Some avenues to restrict gun possession might become very obsolete very fast.

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