Saturday, July 2, 2011

Archbishop Chaput Weighs in On Supreme Court Case Involving Violent Video Games

Archbishop Chaput weighs in over at First Thing on the Supreme Court's Video games and minors case ( Brown v EMA ) at Firsts Things . See Violent Video Games and the Rights of Parents.

He is not a fan. Archbishop Chaput was one several voices , both supporting and opposing the opinion of the Court, that has articles at First Things. For a list of links see Mirrors of Justice post First Things on Violent Video Games.

Brown v EMA is a interesting case because many people , myself included, found themselves in agreement and disagreement with various parts of the opinion that is find in the majority, concurring, and dissenting opinions. I will lay my cards down on the table what I think of this case in a later post this weekend perhaps.

Chaput deftly plays the "big corporation" card" in his piece. While that plays to a certain crowd I am not sure how far that goes. In fact many of the video games that are on Justice Alito's list of games of horror are ones that a person must really search out to find. In other words they are not being sold at Wal Mart. He really focuses on the Justice Thomas dissenting opinion in which I will be engaging where I agree and disagree later.

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