Monday, September 20, 2010

Pope Benedict UK Trip Wrap Up! !!! Links

As I mentioned below I was feeling a tad under the weather so I did not post a lot this weekend. Besides doing a little twittering I preety much just watched TV and managed to make it to Mass.

I am intending to update those individual Papal trip posts and the add the rest later.

Anyway there is a ton of good people that have a lot of links.

The Anchoress has a lot here at Bl. John Henry Newman Roundup – UPDATED! Also see her post Bl Dominic & Bl Newman What a Drama!

The Catholic Herald had some of the best coverage. Here are just few articles I liked.
Vatican: papal visit was a success , The ‘People’s Pope’ made one thing clear: he wants an empowered laity , and The Holy Father should put his feet up and have a glass of whisky

Holy Smoke has Benedict in Britain: personal triumph for the Pope, humiliation for secular fanatics

Update 1
Nice pics here at Hope

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