Friday, September 24, 2010

In Shreveport Black Voter Urged to Vote By Republican With Promises of Limos and Chicken Wings (Not the Onion)

Yes Yes Yes I know it is common for black politicos and operatives to combine transport to the polls and food to get voters to the polls (though I never heard of LIMOs). One just has to listen to Urban radio on election day to discover that fact.
Still when the white GOP guy does it the optics are just really bad!! Yes life is not fair but still.

Update!! There is some hope among some GOP folks that this is a fake flyer done by the opposition. Well we can hope though I don't see that based on anything yet.

Update II- I do note there is no "paid BY" and other legal stuff on it that is required. MAYBE IT IS FAKE!! However as someone that has been on the other side of the fence and worked for DEMS trying to get the black vote we were never precise and to the letter as to all requirement of campaign law as to stuff like this. If the WOOLEY campaign wants to comment in the comments do so and I will update.

Update III- Ok have talked to someone from the Wooley campaign. He says it is a community event. In fact Chicken dinners have been handled out in the past as too door to door campaigning and no one has complained. Well that is good. I really don't have a problem with it really. I am much more concerned how this looks and willbe used. I have already seen Calvin Lester ( A Dem Politico) starting to have fun with it. I think and I KNOW THERE IS A DOUBLE STANDARD here. If the double standard can be defeated and all can do this I have no problem. We shall see how this plays.

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