Friday, September 17, 2010

Catholic Southern Literary Giant Walker Percy On Comments Of The British Humanist Society Regarding Pope Benedict's UK Visit

Non stop complaining it appears from some quarters in the UK every time the Pope utters a word. Though Walker Percy is now dead he can still comment on the situation via his book The Second Coming:

As unacceptable as believers are, unbelievers are even worse, not because of the unacceptability of unbelief but because of the nature of unbelievers themselves who in the profession and practice of their unbelief are even greater a**holes than the Christians.

The present-day unbeliever is a greater a**hole than the present-day Christian because of the fatuity, blandness, incoherence, fakery, and fat-headedness of his unbelief. He is in fact an insane person. If God does in fact exist, the present-day unbeliever will no doubt be forgiven because of his manifest madness.

The present-day Christian is either half-assed, nominal, lukewarm, hypocritical, sinful, or, if fervent, generally offensive and fanatical. But he is not crazy.

The present-day unbeliever is crazy as well as being an a**hole--which is why I say he is a bigger a**hole than the Christian because a crazy a**hole is worse than a sane a**hole

Percy blunt as usual!! Tip of the Hat to Mirrors to Justice. On a related note also at Mirrors of Justice see More great stuff from Walker Percy which links his essay Why Are You Catholic?"

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