Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pope Benedict Is ALREADY On the Verge of Changing the American Church For Decades Though His Bishops (Rocco Series)

Rocco Palamo has start a five part series on the Benedict's remaking of the American Church Bench. which will be at his place and over at NCR via Michael Winters .

Part can be seen at The Bench, Rebooted or at Q & A: Rocco Palmo (Part I) at NCR. Both have the same text but varying introductions.

This is one of the best pieces that shows how Pope Benedict it appears because partly of timing of his Pontificate is about to change the American Church through it's Bishops and Cardinals in ways we have not seen in a very very long time.

Let me note just a few things things that caught my eye:

-Benedict's intimate knowledge of the cases file for New Bishops/Cardinals is creating a new breed different from JPII's appointments

-Benedict's choices to the American bench in five past years has shown an important emphasis on pastoral ability

Most of Benedict's Bishops/Cardinal appointments have been in the trenches of education aNd parish life.

Pope Benedict's new Bishops /Cardinals he appoints recognize the rapid emergence of Hispanics in massive numbers

Pope Benedict's Hispanic Bishops are seen to have the talent to unite the Anglo and Hispanic Catholics. See See Brownsville’s Daniel Flores, Austin’s Joe Vasquez of Austin and Sacramento’s Jaime Soto.

-Pope Benedict's Latino American Bishops are young and being promoted fast.

Pope Benedict new Bishops and appointments lacks reliance exclusively upon the Roman universities.

Pope Benedict has appoint a great number of Bishops and promoted those that have IVY league educations and much varied life experience. Example of this are: - Hebda (Harvard& Columbia Law) Soto & Piché( Morningside Heights) Barres (Princeton) - many more examples at the article).

-Benedict sent word via the Papal Nuncio to American Bishops “your successors will not look like yourselves".

-Benedict's timing Pope has created the opportunity to remake the American Church.

B16's USA appointments soon to hit "that magic number of 100" -- that is, a critical mass of the bench.

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