Sunday, September 26, 2010

LSU Fans At Times I Really Hate You

One of the most difficult things about being a LSU fan is you must share space with the most bipolar fan base in the world. In truth because so much sucks in Louisiana we are fearful that God will take notice that LSU is doing well and will smite the team down.

Looking at the message boards this morning one would think after the win against WVU we just lost to the Baton Rouge School for the Deaf football team(which actually is good).

LSU fans as a rule in LIFE always see the glass as half empty which brings us to this morning.

We win against a good team but looking at the message boards one would think we just lost to the UNO Club football team!!

I know we have problems at QB. But news flash folks Gary Crowton wants to keep his job. Why do people think J Lee is the magic answer? The same people that are demanding LEE are the same ones earlier this year were suggesting he go to Northwestern St.

The boos are unacceptable. This fan base would have booed Bert Jones .

We beat #18 North Carolina and you complain. We win at Vandy to start the conference schedule with a win and you're disgusted. We whip a very physical Miss. St. team and you worry. We beat a top 25 non-conference team in Tiger Stadium to start 4-0 and you boo our coach and QB.

I am going to the Courthouse on Monday and ask for a protective order from the LSU fan base because you are truly driving me insane.

If you want to see woe look at Georgia where we are seeing carnage that rivals the time General Sherman got careless with matches.

Rant over!!

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