Monday, September 27, 2010

The “coup de etat” Is Complete Katharine Jefferts Schori Now Metropolitan Of Episcopal Church USA

To say the least this is breath taking. See The Constitutional Crisis in ECUSA (I).

One must really hand it to Schori. She missed her calling. She would have made a fine politico who has a knack of obtaining more power and control. Perhaps she should be running for mayor of Chicago.

The fix appears in now. While Schori is complaining about some Vatican Curia being formed in Canterbury she has effectively taken control of the entire Church in the USA.

One will think this will not retard her spending on Law suits which appear to be on track to top twenty million dollars by the end of 2012 and is on track at the end of her term in 2015(that is if she ever leaves )to be a whopping , Sixty-Four Million Dollars in legal costs . See Just How Much Has ECUSA Spent on Lawsuits? And How Much Will It Spend?.

Returning to the matter at hand this appears to be well the final attempted act in a saga that has been playing out for now 4o years.

The liberals demanded "tolerance" from the conservative establishment and largely got it. They then got power and bit by little bit they have tighten the vise on their opponents. Now this is not a pure power grab for the sake of power. These are true believers that think that people for instance that refuse to recognize gay unions and non celibate gay clergy are acting against the will of GOD.

This drama will now play out in Diocese of South Carolina.

Update- I thought in fairness I should put up the argument from the other side that is sort of related. See Wild and Crazy Anglican Guys: Surely they could have done better....

Well he sort of has a point too at least legally in some regards. It is all sort of a big mess and when you throw in wanting to remain in communion with the larger Communion it gets real complicated. I do think though the above link leaves out some crucial details which maybe I will get into later. However "Know the Enemy": the Office of the Presiding Bishop and especially the part then the end. A more full look at this issue can be seen here at "Know the Enemy": As the Church Formed, So It May Dissolve. Further at another blog a very interesting bit of history that is important Diocesan Independence and the War Between the States

No let me say as I a Roman Catholic it is really not any skin off my nose how American Anglicans govern themselves. I just post these links because I find the issues pretty fascinating to look at .

Regardless to the office of "primate" itself it appears these are some major changes with this new legislation.


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Andy said...

"They then got power and bit by little bit they have tighten the vice on their opponents."

I think you meant "vise" instead of "vice", but given that you are talking about the ECUSA, "vice" is probably just as appropriate.

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