Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will The NCAA Go After Catholics and Baptists Next?

How is the Catholic Church's stance on traditional marriage any different from Focus on the Family?

Maybe at this point it is acceptable to treat Focus on the Family different from lets say a school affiliated with the Baptist Church. Like Samford for instance. Maybe soon we shall all be equal.

There are surely a lot of religious schools that have similar stances that are in the NCAA.

The Deacon Bench has Controversy over another Focus on the Family ad

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Andy said...

I'm having a little trouble with this one. I haven't actually seen the online video in question. But, if all the guy says is that he wants his child to grow up and "do the right thing (paraphrased)," then the NCAA is definitely a bunch of wimps.

Oh wait...we already knew that!

Look, everybody knows that there are a bunch of lesbians, and homos in collegiate athletics. Always have been, always will be. What bugs me about it is the "cop out," about complaints from administrators, yada yada yada...

The NCAA is a joke...From the BCS garbage, through the Title IX enforcement (not their fault, really)...they continue to be the pansiest of all pansies in American sports organizations today.

Heck, the SEC, and Big XII should just bolt from the worthless NCAA...form our own Association, and put the rest of the Nancy-boys out of business. In two years, we'd own all the TV contracts, and have high quality players begging to play before REAL audiences.

Just my two cents.