Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over- Louisiana Tech To Play Grambling In Football!!!

For all my fellow TECH grads cue all our ULM friends that will go "So La Tech will Play Grambling but are Scared to play us" and other nonsense.

The Shreveport Times has a good article on this historic event at Grambling, La. Tech to meet in first Port City Classic

This game will be played in Shreveport at Independence Stadium. If I was a Tech fan I would be getting tickets AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I think this game will sell out and GRAMBLING FANS will be buying them up quick.

A few observations and what I heard on local sports radio yesterday.

Grambling fans are of course pumped!!! Though I really think Grambling needs to stop calling everything a "Classic".

Tech fans reactions are mixed. The first thing you hear is "Oh GOD what if we lose". It is bad enough to perhaps lose to a Non Division I team from the middle of Arkansas but a loss to Grambling who is just three miles away would be DEPRESSING. We would never hear the end of it. Tech should win but there is the RISK.

It seems a lot of business folks in Lincoln Parish are not pleased. WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING SHREVEPORT!! Well the fact Louisiana Tech as a DIV I school will never never play at Grambling. Grambling wants room for it's fans so Shreveport was the best place.

I think this is a win win!! I suspect Tech fans will get pumped for this game. Also in these economic times Louisiana schools need to be supporting each other. Also Louisiana Tech does not have to write a check for a non DIV I school (or whatever we call it nowadays).

It also gets the fan bases in the Shreveport area and in the Dallas area of both schools really excited. WIN WIN.

Again Tech fans get your tickets early because I really think this game will sell out.

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