Tuesday, February 23, 2010

McNeese State People Spreading Lies About LSU's Mike The Tiger?

Who is this Lake Charles idiot? Is he a secret McNeese Fan?

Why is he writing letters to schools up north about our precious Mike and spreading lies? I smell something fishy. We better put guards around Mike the Tiger when McNeese Baseball come to LSU on Wednesday. Is it a just a bizarre twist of fate this Lake Charles guy is spreading this propaganda just days before the big game? We need a inquiry. Who else is he sending these letters too? What is really going on here!!!!

We see this in the publication THE MANEATER the student newspaper of the University of Missouri.

Letter to the Editor:
Questionable methods of Mike the Tiger's vet
By Sky Williamson, Lake Charles, La.
Published Feb. 23, 2010

Dear David G. Baker, Mike the Tiger veterinarian,
Well of course you would not admit to giving drugs to the tiger. Who would it makes LSU look like a fool. I was told by a veterinary student that the tiger was given drugs each time that he was forced to be dragged around the stadium for human entertainment. The drug of choice from what I understand was Prozac! Anybody that would give any animal a drug like this just so that he can be caged and dragged around the stadium has no morals or values and that is why you choose to deny this.

As for you bragging about the 4 million dollars that was spent on his "habitat" I wonder how stupid you think humans are. For 4 million dollars you could have made Mike a habitat that resembled his natural habitat but instead you spent millions on making it "look" pretty instead of giving the tiger a more natural setting. Let's not forget though that you said and I quote "Mike's health and happiness is our utmost concern at LSU"......

You also say that "his quality of life is excellent". Do you really believe that? If so you may want to take a little time to better educate yourself on how to make a tiger's quality of life excellent. I know that being in the wild would be best for him he is a tiger after all but I also know that is not possible for a captive tiger. So where do we go from here? YOU choose to have a captive tiger than you choose to give him or her the best quality of life possible. This goes much further than a 4 million dollars enclosure that looks pretty.

LSU has a reputation to uphold and you know that is why you would never admit to giving this tiger drugs. Maybe now that it has been brought to the public's attention it will stop but then again maybe not this has been going on for many years!

Since you are the vet for Mike the Tiger at LSU and from what I understand you are also the vet for Michael Sandlin's tiger at Tiger Truck Stop. If you feel so strongly that Mike the tiger's situation is so perfect then can you please comment and tell us how you feel about Tony the tiger's situation at Tiger Truck Stop? I would have to assume since you are the vet for Tony that you condone him living in a small enclosure in the parking lot of the truck stop with no quality of life at all?

I guess like with everything else it's not about heart and soul it's about money!


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