Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is JFK President? The Marcellos Family Is in the News!!

Fun times in New Orleans. Right Hand Thief has Just say no to drug kingpins

My mothers Uncle and my Great Grandfather knew the famed Carlos Marcellos by the way. Fun guy!!!

We sort of had a nice pool table business (cough cough ) slot machine business in the Natchez area. We were not a mob family by the way but needless to say you did not supply this entertainment without getting the approval of Carlos. If you did you might be LITERALLY under the Hill at the famous Natchez Under the Hill.

Blast from the past.


Jim said...

Absolutely right! A member of my family had some, uh, entertainment venues on the Bossier Strip back in the day. Lets just say that there were certain companies that you did business with if you wanted to prosper!

James H said...

LOL, Oh the good ole days!! His "influence" did spread a good bit beyond New Orleans did it not. I don't think the average person actually cared that much.

It was a different time