Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rich LA Kids Break into Stars Homes To Get Jewels

Well what is wrong with that? I mean kids have to have fun when they tire of driving the BMW :)

Althouse has more on the crime spree of the week at
4 teenaged girls are arrested after they figured out what clothes and jewelry they wanted and which celebrities houses to break into to get them

On a side note I can recall a old interview with Katherine Hepburn. As a kid she loved breaking into houses for fun. However she did not take anything.

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Mary Ellen said...

I just read a story on another blog about a bunch of rich kids (boys) who beat a homeless drunk guy on the street until he went into a coma and died. To make it worse, they were so proud of their act that they decided it would be fun to put on YouTube. One of the guys was on another YouTube where it showed him watching another guy get beat and laughing at him.

I have to wonder what kind of things those kids are learning as they grow up. Obviously, moral values isn't one of them.