Monday, October 26, 2009

Breaking- Catholic Bishop Trautman Still Thinks You are A Idiot

Does he have any idea how offensive this sounds. I guess not since he keeps talking about this. By the way above is one of the "big words" he thinks Catholics will not be able to get in the new English Liturgy translations.

Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pa., former chairman of the U.S. bishops' liturgy committee, sharply criticized what he called the "slavishly literal" translation into English of the new Roman Missal from the original Latin.

He said the "sacred language" used by translators "tends to be elitist and remote from everyday speech and frequently not understandable" and could lead to a "pastoral disaster."

The vast majority of God's people in the assembly are not familiar with words of the new missal like 'ineffable,' 'consubstantial,' 'incarnate,' 'inviolate,' 'oblation,' 'ignominy,' 'precursor,' 'suffused' and 'unvanquished.' The vocabulary is not readily understandable by the average Catholic," Trautman said.

The [Second Vatican Council's] Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy stipulated vernacular language, not sacred language," he added. "Did Jesus ever speak to the people of his day in words beyond their comprehension? Did Jesus ever use terms or expressions beyond his hearer's understanding?"

Pastoral Disaster? Let me say this to the good Bishop if Catholics in the pews don't have an idea what "Incarnate" , "Oblation" , and "unvanquished" mean among others we not only have a problem with the Catholic Church but with the Catholic and Public school system.

Mary and Joe Catholic are pretty smart people. They read books and look up words they might not have heard and even add those to their vocabulary. I am sure if you explain what these words mean we can handle it. We are not all just bumbling idiots that's main focus is too keep track when Dancing with the Stars is coming on.


PersonalFailure said...

Actually, I can tell you right now that most people don't know what half those words mean. And you can decry the school systems, etc., but if you want to communicate, you use words your reader/listener understand.

Otherwise, you're just talking to yourself.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh dear me...what a maroon!

I would have written this comment sooner but it took me such a long time to look up all those hard words. You know, anything beyond Dick and Jane is a struggle for this idiot Catholic. ;-)

Jeff Geerling said...

This is what I call "shooting for the dirt."

I'd like to find a Catholic who understands the divine mystery of the Eucharist. Also, tell me what that word means - does it simply mean "thanksgiving," as some would say, or does it mean something much more profound. It's a matter of education, not a matter of someone not being able to understand.

Spotted on Catholic News Live.

Subvet said...

Refraining from the use of words your audience "may" not understand is condescending. Dictionaries are readily available and fairly cheap.

I speak from personal experience. As a mediocre high school graduate I'm constantly challenged by some of the literature I read. Shakespeare, Solzhenitzyn, Hans Kung (early works), Cardinal Ratzinger, etc. can put a strain on the brain.

But like any other muscle, the brain only grows stronger with regular exercise.

Anonymous said...

The Bishop is correct. Now we have to say to: The Lord be with you----"And with your spirit." What? We are spirits? How stupid. I am me-- I am a person-- the response: And with yur Spirit--is a denial of the Incanation..Jesus waw not a spirit but a person--a ME or I or You. And also with you makes much more sense. Maybe it is time for everyone to leave the luncay of Rome.