Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For October 27th 2009

Sorry for the delay on this post. I have some sort of weird formatting problem with this post. Some weird spacing errors I still could not correct.

St Landry Catholic Church Blog has
Opelousas Catholic School News
RCIA - Learning more about our Faith
The Name of Jesus and the Compendium
Homily for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Letter from Pope Benedict XVI to the Mississippi River Symposium (THIS IS OS INTERESTING WILL HIGHLIGHT LATER)

Servus Mariae et Jesu has tow good post. See The Oxford Movement Continues... and Stalkers, Mystery, and --- a Catholic school?

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: October 26, 2009

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has Spring Schedule!

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has5 Messages for ‘Elite’ Republicans
Saved from Abortion: The Remarkable Stories Behind Four Pro-Life “Saves”
ARE THE U.S. CATHOLIC BISHOPS WORKING WITH FEDS TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST CONSERVATIVE MEDIA? , Largest Group of Catholic Doctors Calls for “Reset” of Health Care Reform , SOWELL: Dismantling America: ‘The Fundamentally Transformative Way’ , It’s Not About Health Care….It’s About Control!, A Closer Look at the Uninsured: Why the “46 Million” Figure is Profoundly Misleading, The Woman the GOP (and Newt Gingrich) Endorse: Pro-Abort Leftist Republican Dede Scozzafava Wins Margaret Sanger Award, The Greatest Grassroots Movement of Our Times, Obama Told House Democrat He Wasn’t Talking about House Health Bill When He Told Congress ‘Our Plan’ Doesn’t Fund Abortion, Founder’s Quote Daily, FREEMASONS IN CONGRESS, Catholic News Roundup 10-26, A Matter of Opinion 10-26, The Remedial Education of Congressman Kennedy, The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches, Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time>

Stranger in a Strange Land has AVOIDING FALSE HOPE AND PRIDE
Opportunties of the Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ, the First Fruits of the Resurrectio...
Armenian Chant
Hail Mary Full of Grace
Father Longenecker Spells Out the Slippery Slope

North Louisiana Diaconate has Internet Rules and Run with the Nuns

Journey to Rome has Reformation Sunday – Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Remembering Aaron and Soapmaking

Check out the The Catholic Foodie ( I am sure he has updated my ancient computer is having problems opening his blog at the moment)

Life on the (L)edge has

6 AND 0 !!!

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his thoughts at Feast of Pope Saint Evaristus (26 Oct 2009)

Father Allen's Site has Louis IX, King of France, Saint (Great pics)

Finally our expat Priest in New Jersey as usual has a lot of great stuff. Da Mihi Animas has

George Washington's Prayer for the Nation
Glorious Freedom
Innocent Blood by the waiting kind
Be prepared, but don't worry!
Senior Anglican bishop reveals he is ready to conv...
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist...
Let' go Saints! Our time is here!


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Another blog you might include is abitadeacon.blogspot.com

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Oh thansk!!! I will add it tonight and add it to the update post