Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is Racist Louisiana Justice of the Peace a Les Miles and LSU Fan?

There is a Justice of the Peace in Tangipahoa who would frown upon such a display. LOL

Oh goodness as soon as Saw this post LSU/Auburn photo at the Daily Advertiser from the post game I knew we are going to be in for a long three weeks

No telling what Alabama, Ole Miss , and Arkansas fans will be doing with this. Especially since LSU fans are legend in farking photos their opponents over the years.


Unknown said...


Is it just me; or does the LSU offense still fail to inspire confidence?

I trust the defense to keep the Alabama game close.

However, I just don't know if we'll score the 17 or 20 points necessary to beat the Tide.

James H said...

I think the offense is starting to click. I mean the Auburn gme is a great sign. However letws face it there is a huge lack of a running game that again will be exposed when we play Bama in a embarrassing way.

I just think you have to be balanced to win. In many ways the problems is the offensive line and I am not sure that can be fixed